Steinway Piano Gallery

Division I:

1st place: Ryan Huang

Teacher: Olga Chichova


2nd place: Angelina Zhou

Teacher: Spiro Kizas


3rd place: Anissa She

Teacher: Lang Ning Liu


Honourable Mention: Chelsea Gu

Teacher: Janice Yale


Honourable Mention: Ziyi Huang

Teacher: Meizhi Bi


Division II:

1st place: Jarmin Weng

Teacher: Meizhi Bi


2nd place: Antian Jiang

Teacher: Michael Esch


3rd place: Sam Shashaani

Teacher: Dianne Werner


Honourable Mention: Tienchee Liu

Teacher: Evgeny Chugunov


Honourable Mention: Annie Chung

Teacher: Michael Esch


Division III:

1st place: Raymond Huang

Teacher: Dianne Werner


2nd place: Catherine He

Teacher: Lang Ning Liu


3rd place: Kevin Wang

Teacher: Li Wang


Honourable Mention: Evelyn Liang

Teacher: Cheryl Graham


Honourable Mention: Ashlyn Chou

Teacher: Koichi Inoue


Honourable Mention: Richard Gao

Teacher: Michael Berkovsky

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