Steinway & Sons

Canadian Artists



Diana Krall

"It is a privilege and an honor to perform on Steinway pianos." - Diana Krall






Jamie Parker

“Walking out on stage, my favourite site is a big, beautiful Steinway model D.  My favourite sound comes next.”
 - Jamie Parker
Rupert E. Edwards Chair in Piano Performance

University of Toronto




Laura Fernandez

Laura Fernandez

“Whether I am at home composing or performing to an audience, a Steinway piano inspires me to create art. Like the finest sable brush, I trust a Steinway to help me express myself without barriers and to voice my emotions with finesse, clarity and dynamic range. Under any circumstance, Steinway is my choice.” - Laura Fernandez



Arthur Rowe

"My most memorable and deeply felt musical experiences have always been in the company of a Steinway piano. For a pianist, to play on a great Steinway piano is to know what spontaneous musical creation is. It will do all you ask and imagine, and t hen will continue to open doors to other colours and characters that you did not know were there. It electrifies ones’ sense." - Arthur Rowe



Jon Kimura Parker

Jon Kimura Parker

""The touch and depth of the Steinway piano is a joy for me as a pianist, and its versatility and range of color is a joy for me as a musician. The Steinway is a work of art."
- Jon Kimura Park
Internternationally acclaimed pianist and Professor of Piano at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University





Robert Silverman

"Several piano manufacturers produce good instruments these days, but only a Steinway allows me to express - and even inspires me to reach beyond - the full richness and range of sounds that exist in the depths of my soul.
- Robert Silverman




Eugene Skovorodnikov

"Playing a Steinway after other brands is like coming back home from a long journey. The feeling of comfort and inspiration is overwhelming. The great potential of the Steinway triggers one’s creativity in every aspect of musical expression and makes it possible to materialize that interpretation almost to perfection." - Eugene Skovorodnikov




Ian Parker

"With  the Steinway I can portray each and every musical gesture with the same authority a conductor has with an orchestra." - Ian Parker





Jane Coop

"An artist is constantly searching for the highest means of expression. The challenges are limitless and fascinating, but can only be approached if the instrument is responsive. Steinway has unfailingly produced rich and responsive pianos since its inception, and continues to be at the very top in the growing field of piano manufacturing." - Jane Coop


Lorraine Min


"Lorraine Min Steinway Artist Since 2013 “Steinway’s unmistakable warmth of sound, powerful rich bass and sparkling brilliance allow me limitless musical possibilities. These unmatched qualities give me the freedom to express, create, and bring life to some of the greatest repertoire that exists for the piano. There is no other choice for me but Steinway." - Lorraine Min




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